Your Mobile Data & Paging Solutions Provider

WiPath provides you with the tools you need to operate and manage intelligent messaging systems using several different wireless communications technologies.

If you are a commercial organization the efficiency gains and improvements in service as a result of implementing WiPath solutions will enable you to provide better service to your own customers at a lower cost. If you are a Governmental agency our solutions will enable improvements in your operational efficiency, safety and the provision of service to your constituency.

WiPath product developments include Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs), Paging Data Terminals (PDTs), Paging Data Receivers (PDRs) and alarm paging systems as well as a wide range of other specialized paging and wireless data hardware and software solutions which are used worldwide.

Off the shelf and customized solutions are available for fleet mobile dispatchtaxi dispatch,  utilities, field service organizations,  emergency services and transport operators as well as campus safety & security. Emergency Mass Alerting solutions include local and wide area siren systems, LED message display systems and wireless messaging.

Solutions are also available for GPS automatic vehicle location (AVL), mapping and voiceless dispatch.

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